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A range of workshops to guide you toward a flourishing, meaningful and successful life

“Thumbs up! Really Good! Travis is Genuine  and able to make getting together feel really comfortable. Workshop Participant, Luke.

Learn How to Flourish in Your Key Relationships


Learn How to Flourish in Your Key Relationships
    • The 4 P’s of relational capacity
    • The art of self-disclosure
    • Importance of ‘knowing thyself’
    • How (and why) we need to soothe our responses
    • Identifying the circles of your relationship
    • Emotional soft skills that make you attractive to anyone
    • Going beyond listening and toward understanding
    • Empathy, your secret weapon
    • …and more!
Apply the 5 Fold Approach to Leadership


Apply the 5 Fold Approach to Leadership
  • Leadership, and having the title of ‘leader’ has a funny way of corrupting even the most pure motives.

    During this session we’ll explore leading with integrity, how being secure in who we are is the foundation, the reality that you’ll never please everyone, the role of confidence and the most important person you’ll ever need to lead.

    It will be packed with actionable tools, plenty of group discussion and take you deeper into the idea of leadership.

    It’s gonna be a wild ride of learning!

Grow Your Team Through Story Sharing


Grow Your Team Through Story Sharing
  • This workshop explores the transformative power of empathy and the deep trust that is built within a team when vulnerability is displayed.

    There is a depth to each individual in the team than the skills they bring and the image they portray when at work. Every person has a personal story of impact that has shaped and informed who they are today.

    When this story gets shared, understanding occurs, camaraderie is created and community flourishes. This workshop will fast track the organic development of connectedness that is already occurring with your team.

All of our workshops can be adapted to fit a variety of situations, including group size, day, time, location, length of session and more. They are aimed at small to medium sized teams who value people and desire to see their people flourish.

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