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Team Building

Team Building


No longer do you have to fret about your upcoming PD session. At Wide Open, we take the worry out of it, attending to the details, providing solutions to the team bonding questions you and your organisation have. Growing teams and understanding one another is the glue that holds your organisation together. Instead of boring team games and silly activities, we use tried and tested ‘old fashioned, but always meaningful’ strategies to help bring understanding, direction, inspiration and motivation to your team or group. Our life coaching Adelaide experience holds you in good stead, and you can be assured we will offer the best service available.

When it comes to team building, more trust falls and human knot activities are not going to cut it.

Whilst these can be helpful, the effect on building team is short lived.

Building authentic, honest, fun and connected teams that succeed within a healthy culture is a long-term process. It’s lengthy sure, but our team building Adelaide services are the specialists to help you get along with one another and move in the right direction. We’re with you every step of the way!

At Wide Open, we focus on building connection and community. We focus on helping colleagues, co-workers and teammates talk, be open with each other and build communal connection that allows the relationships within your team to flourish.

Put simply, we focus on helping you get along with one another.

WHY we help build teams the way we do.

When you get to know a colleague’s story and begin to understand who they are as a person, we receive a gift that allows us to accept and appreciate them more fully for the expertise they bring to the team.

The reality is, if you’re going to be in the trenches with your colleagues, you’d want to be getting along with them.

Because when we build connection with our peers we build trust. And trust is the currency on which our work and personal lives rise and fall.

Stronger staff, team and organisational friendships build better workplaces, relationships and teams.

  • The outcomes you can expect to see include:

    • Building rapport amongst staff
    • Increased morale in the team environment
    • Space created for individuals to share their personal story
    • Building bridges between staff and team mates
    • Utilising people’s backgrounds to improve connection and community
    • Minimising fear and gossip amongst staff by giving them strategies to openly talk about who they are and issues as they arise
    • Enlarging hope and trust within individuals and their relationships

WHAT’s our secret approach?

We FACILITATE a space where connection and community can happen.

We CREATE space for staff, colleagues and teams to share the values, passions, hopes and dreams that are most important to them.

We VALUE the unique view of the world each individual has and the contribution they make to the over-arching organisational mission.

We MINIMISE the negative effects of conflict by allowing staff to take the time to understand and see each other as real people who face struggles, battles and hurdles each and every day.

We ACCEPT the views of all staff and encourage individuals to share their story so links and commonalities can be forged.

  • Our team building, community connection options are perfect for:

    • Small business
    • Boards and committees
    • Managers within larger organisations
    • School staff
    • Churches and youth organisations
    • Sporting clubs
    • Start-ups and new organisations who are developing a culture

WHERE to from here?

We want to help you build the best place to work! Your people will be forever grateful, and I’m sure your profits will be also.

If you’re on the lookout for some high quality team building, let’s discuss how we can assist you in the development of your community and corporate relationships.

There is no team too big or too small that we can’t work with.

Get in touch via the contact form and we’ll help move your team into the wide open space that is waiting for you!

You can find out a little more about me and peruse some of the resources we offer on the site.

I look forward to meeting you!

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