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The Best Workplace on Earth

Build a positive staff culture by treating them so well they never want to leave

The Value of a Clear Identity

Identify the skills and uniqueness that makes each person (and your organisation) thrive

Stages of Group DEVELOPMENT

Discover the stage your team is at and discover how to excel as a group

Putting the Human Back Into 'HR'

People are the greatest asset of any organisation, treat them well with these 25 tactics.

The Gift of Each Person's Story

Hear the personal story that make your team members unique

The Personal & Professional Crossover

Explore the basics of time management, how to care for yourself and create a winning work/life balance
The Best Workplace on Earth

This workshop explores the steps involved to create a positive, engaged and committed workforce. We’ll look at how to have a connected, calm, understood and valued team culture, because when we focus our energy on doing these things – of supporting one another, serving each other etc,, happiness, joy and contentment follow. We spend many hours of our life at work, so it’s important we feel like our contribution is important, valued and purposeful.

Expected Outcomes: staff connectedness, increased investment into the team and organisation, an understanding of what a positive culture looks like, tips on making the staff team positive, creating a ‘family’ culture.

Overarching Themes: rewarding staff, having friends at work, bringing home to work, open doors, open hearts, transparent and authentic people, commitment to the cause, motivation.

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The Value of Having a Clear Identity

This workshop explores the skills, gifts, talents and strengths each person brings to the team. We spend time unpacking the things we’re good at and identifying the unique skills that can be further utilised into the development of the organisation. This personal work and understanding leads to a broader conversation and discussion regarding the identity of the team or business. When we understand the purpose and heart of the organisation, it allows decisions to be made more simply, for the team to get on board with the mission, and staff to fully engage with the work of the organisation.

Expected Outcomes: clarity of each person's strengths, acknowledgement from peers, space to share hopes and dreams for the organisation, written down ‘why'.

Overarching Themes: personal skills and strengths, clarity of purpose, thrill of working in strengths, uniqueness of staff and workplace.

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The Personal & Professional Crossover

Work/life balance is, well, a balancing act. Or is? In this workshop we explore how to better create a work/life balance by exploring what’s important, what isn’t and what can change. We’’ll uncover why we do things, how to say no, create boundaries and discover the truth about time management. This workshop can get a little personal as the tough questions get explored in our quest to seek the truth about why we struggle to balance all the commitments in our lives. Not for the faint hearted, but loads of fun with many actionable items and activities.

Expected Outcomes: discovery of self and personal values, learning how to say no, solutions for developing self-care, boundaries, support network

Overarching Themes: time management, creating boundaries, discovering whats most important, removing the work vs life dynamic, bring home to work and vice versa

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The Gift of Each Person's Story

This workshop explores the transformative power of empathy and the deep trust that is built within a team when vulnerability is displayed. There is a depth to each individual in the team than the skills they bring and the image they portray when at work. Every person has a personal story of impact that has shaped and informed who they are today. When this story gets shared, understanding occurs, camaraderie is created and community flourishes. This workshop will fast track the organic development of connectedness that is already occurring with your team.

Expected Outcomes: team bonding, heightened level of trust, increased empathy for each other, connectedness related to work, a creation of 'we' in the team.

Overarching Themes: trust, vulnerability, story sharing, community bonding, sharing stories, developing empathy.

Please note: this workshop is only available for teams of 12 or less and the length varies depending on the number of participants.

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Stages of Group Development

In this workshop,we’ll utilise the work of Bruce Tuckman who pioneered the understanding of groups, how they work and their various stages of development. Ideal for a new or relatively new team, a team that has gone through change or a group that is struggling to gel. We’ll work through the process of navigating the establishment, growth and performance of a team. This workshop is helpful for any team as they go from newbies to superstars. It is helpful in uncovering strengths, discussing purpose, investing in innovation, discovering roles and personalities, uncovering conflict and managing expectations.

Expected Outcomes: realisation of which stage the group is at, uncovering of team dynamic, team roles and skills, passion for the future, strategy on how to thrive.

Overarching Themes: group work, team skills, individual talents, how team members interact, understanding of the team's development and progress

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Putting the Human back into HR

People are the single greatest asset in your organisation – period. And yet, many organisations treat their people like slaves. In this workshop, you’ll quickly learn how to place your greatest investment into your people, 25 tactics for doing so, a strategy and process for creating dialogue amongst staff and how to turn your staff meetings into an event that will compete with the grammies! Yep, this workshop will give you a stack of tools and strategies for ensuring your people remain engaged and they remain committed to the workplace. Without them, you’re doomed, so let's look after your staff.

Expected Outcomes: a staff meeting strategy, calendar of staff celebrations, a process for complaints, tactics for people development, how to get along.

Overarching Themes: people development, value on staff, creating organisational rhythms, ideas for investing in your people.

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Build your own session

Each group, team and organisation has it's own quirks, which is why we like to work with you and create a team building workshop that suits precisely your needs. You know your team better than us, we just help you achieve what you know your team really needs.

We love creating something specific, from 1 hour high impact sessions, to longer team retreats over several days. Nothing is to hard or beyond our 'can do' attitude. Our experience means you're in good hands, and we'll spend time understanding what you want, then come up with creative solutions that help bring your ideas into reality.

We want to make your team building sessions memorable and we pride ourselves on activities that you won't find anywhere else.

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