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Equipping students and staff to engage their best life and experience meaning and fulfillment

Promoting wellbeing strategies, emotional awareness and confidence for the future

“I’ll be steering anyone I come across in your direction. My experience was that good! Happy client, Amy


Unleash the power of peers coaching peers


Build and develop the skills for future success


Create relational bonds that lead to a strong team


Discover how Wide Open is helping students and staff to develop greater empathy, uncover understanding and be enthusiastic about the future.


What makes by Design group coaching so important for our schools?

Our students are struggling. Mental illness rates are rising, family and friendship breakdowns continue, genuine career concerns are present and their ability to adapt to a changing world is a struggle. Students need ongoing support to navigate the world before them, space to unpack their worries and concerns, and the tools which will allow them to flourish. Our group coaching process offers group and one-on-one opportunities that provide relatable and actionable skills so students can thrive in school, life and for the future.

    • Senior Secondary Students
    • Delivered on-campus
    • Fits into your timetable
    • 10 x 2hr group sessions
    • 4 x 30min one-on-one sessions per student
    • External coach/facilitator
    • Strategic relationship building with students
    • Develop foundational life skills: active listening, empathy, life purpose, self-awareness, consistent character, community/relationship building, conflict resolution, creativity, emotional intelligence and more!
    • Affordable

    Our group coaching process is breaking new ground. Please get in touch and allow us to walk you through our flexible options that can be tailored to meet the needs and structure of your school environment.

Our student workshops provide a solution to the wellbeing puzzle

When it comes to life, many students are ill-equipped to flourish. Students are overwhelmed, frustrated and anxious with the responsibilities they have. Over single or double lessons, half or full day sessions, our student workshops delve into a range of topics all designed to create self-awareness, develop empathy, build resilience, and design a lifestyle they’ll love. When students cultivate these traits, they are free to pursue a life of meaning and fulfillment.

    • Character traits that succeeds in life
    • Developing motivation
    • Time management
    • Lifestyle design and planning
    • Study skills and secrets
    • Identity
    • What’s the purpose of life?
    • Relationships and community
    • Compassion and understanding of others
    • Responsibility and acceptance of tasks
    • Strengths, weaknesses and blindspots
    • …and more!

    We work with you in identifying the requirements of your students to build a workshop that best meets the needs, age, demographic and timeframe you have available. Single or double lessons, half day or full day, onsite or offsite options available.

    Our workshops are interactive, engaging and fun.

Staff PD is critical. Here’s how we assist you.

School staff are at the coalface of student health, wellbeing and development – not to mention, education! Because of the complexity involved, overwhelm can happen, stress is ever present and the work/life balance is a constant struggle. Our staff PD sessions focus on the personal/professional crossover. They are designed to deepen relationships, provide tools that lead to a positive culture and allow space for staff to focus on their own personal well being. Healthy staff means healthy students. We want to help you build a healthy and enjoyable school culture.

    • Staff culture
    • Stages of group/team development
    • Personal/professional crossover
    • Developing empathy and understanding
    • Strengths and uniqueness
    • Displaying vulnerability and courage
    • Simple time and priority management
    • Treating staff well
    • How to celebrate wins and success
    • …and more!

    See our team building page for more detail options.


Travis was very approachable and easy to get along with. He made our session really comfortable and things became clearer. 



“I can’t recommend Travis and his Wide Open Coaching business more highly. He’s a really approachable bloke and knows which questions to ask. His help has been life changing!!” 



What’s our investment?

Great question!

How much are struggling students costing you?

How many extra hours do you and your staff put in, making sure students wellbeing is cared for? 

How much of your time is spent looking for the right programs for students and staff? 

How strained is the health and wellbeing of your staff because they’re feeling snowed under? 

Do the staff and teachers know how valued they are?

A lack of investment in the wellbeing of staff and students may already be costing you a great deal.

Which is why we want to help.

We don’t believe staff PD and student services should cost you the earth. Our offerings are tailored to meet your specific requirements. We understand that your school is unique, which means there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Contact us to find out more and have no obligation chat to further discuss how Wide Open can assist you.

Got other questions? Use our contact us page.

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