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Coaching is a collaborative effort where your future is filled with purpose, meaning and a deep sense of fulfilment.

We’re in it with you.

“I gained the permission I needed to stand up and actually walk the path before me. I know what I am capable of and that I can achieve my dreams! HAPPY CLIENT, AMY.



• Struggling to navigate life

• Strained family connections & relationships

• Stressed and overwhelmed at work

• No idea about “what to do next”

• Poor career direction

• Lack of meaning and purpose

• No time for self

• Feel like a ‘bad’ parent

• Fed up with your current job/career

• Lost a sense of “who am I?”

• Going through a life transition or milestone

• Trying to find answers on your own



• Understand and operate out of your true self

• Confident in who you are

• Have permission to pursue what matters

• Different perspective on your situation

• Reframe problems to catalyse solutions

• Spend more time in valuable relationships

• Find resilience and develop grit

• Articulate fears and watch them shrink

• Set plans in place and boundaries for what matters most

• Uncover meaning and purpose in all of life

• Define success and a plan to get it

• An action plan for the future


Discover how our coaching is creating self-awareness, developing resilience and setting in place the plans required for meaning, success and purpose to thrive.


What makes our coaching so different?

When it comes to living a life of meaning and purpose, many people get stuck in the day to day responsibilities of bills, family and work – whilst feeling stuck in the fog of personal struggles and doubts. Wide Open Coaching helps people understand what they truly want from life, draws it to the surface then walks with them in making it a reality so they can live a story that makes them proud.


“I loved the coaching I received, the format, what came out of it, the way it got me thinking, the way it formed my way forward. It gave me a plan of where to go next, of what’s important and I actually started moving forward from that day.

Thank you!” 


What’s my investment?

⇒ How much is an unclear life purpose costing you?

⇒ How many extra hours are you spending on tasks that don’t matter? 

⇒ How much of your time is spent doing things for other people? 

⇒ How strained is your health and wellbeing because you’re not living fulfilled? 

⇒ Do the important people in your life know they really matter?

A lack of clarity and purpose may already be costing you a great deal. Your ongoing coaching is the breakthrough relationship you need to forge the future you desire.

The first session is 1.5 hours $150, and each subsequent session is 1 hour $110.


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