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Clarify Your Purpose and Experience Life Fulfilment

A diagnostic, hands on creative experience which gives you time and freedom to unlock your potential, clear the fog and get your life moving

“This was a fabulous experience. It was so worth doing the process and to get the written feedback was priceless.” Happy client, Anna

Discuss your situation and express the frustrations


Discuss your situation and express the frustrations
Explore new possibilities and unleash your breakthrough


Explore new possibilities and unleash your breakthrough
Take your solutions and put them to work


Take your solutions and put them to work


Discover how the powerful Igniting Possibility framework has helped people overcome barriers and live with meaning, purpose and fulfillment.


Step 1:

Decide to seek out fresh meaning and purpose for your life is really easy. Simply send an email requesting a time to meet and we’ll take care of the rest. View the package below.

Step 2:

When we meet face-to-face, we’ll creatively explore who you are and where you’re going using a 3-step process. We’ll discover new ideas, confront fears, alter perspective, increase excitement and discern what your future can look like.

Step 3:

After we’ve met you’ll have a summary full of insights and observations so you can immediately implement the solutions discussed and get your life moving. There will also be some actionable items to get you going.

What makes Igniting Possibility so different?

When it comes to living a life of purpose and deep fulfilment, many people get stuck in the day to day responsibilities of bills, family and work – they don’t know how to step of the treadmill and take a fresh perspective. Igniting Possibility helps people understand what they truly want from life so they can live a story that makes them proud, fulfilled and full of purpose.


“I loved the chat we had, the format, what came out of it, the way it got me thinking, the way it formed my way forward. It gave me a plan of where to go next, of what’s important and I actually started moving forward from that day.

Thank you!” 



“I loved this format of feedback – the copy of my mindmap which visually took me back to all of our discussion and feel some of the emotion I felt then. That was important because it made me act.” 



What’s my investment?

How much is an unclear life purpose costing you? How many extra hours are you spending on tasks that don’t matter? How much of your time is spent doing things for other people? How strained is your health and wellbeing because you’re not living fulfilled? Do the important people in your life know they really matter? A lack of clarity around your life purpose may already be costing you a great deal.

1.5-2 hours, 1-1 with a coach
Meet face-to-face or online via Skype
Ideas and solutions for a problem you’re facing
A fresh perspective on your situation
Space and safety to unpack your hopes and dreams
A plan to move forward with
A listening ear and empathy driven coach
A summary of our discussion
Suggested goals to implement to get you moving
Suggested habits that will help you progress
A list of suggested resources

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Ongoing 1-on-1 coaching for individuals 

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