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Group Coaching

I wish I could explore life’s important questions with others who are asking the same questions. 

I hear that sentiment nearly everyday in my coaching, training and team development work. People all over are struggling to make life work for them, yet they have no idea how to press the pause button and reevaluate where their life is at and where it’s headed.

I hear the same concerns from people from completely different walks of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, married, single, employed or job hunting, we all have similar desires and dreams which we hope are part of the human experience.

Sadly for many, life doesn’t bring them the joy they hope for or deserve.

It’s for these reasons, in addition to my personalised life coaching offerings, I’ve designed a group coaching experience, which is more generic in content, but specific to the people in the group and the experience they share with one another.

Our group coaching experience covers 8 sessions in all, which can be experienced in a variety of delivery methods.

In the 8 sessions we cover:

Session 1: Identity, security and knowing who I really am
Session 2: Destiny, life purpose and living fulfilled
Session 3: Community and who am I doing life with
Session 4: Habits, goals and discipline
Session 5: Communication, relationships and going deeper
Session 6: Confidence and self-leadership
Session 7: Motivation and getting stuff done (on purpose)
Session 8: Sacrifice and leaving legacy
We’ll flesh each of these topics out over a 3 hour session, either weekly, fortnightly or however the group decides. There’ll be some small actions to complete in between sessions, with ample time for you to share with the group what you’re learning and how your life is being different.

So why not grab a group together, and let Wide Open lead you through a focused group coaching experience without the intensity of one to one.

Please get in touch by using the booking form (no you won’t have to pay anything at this point), tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll see what we can do.

Let’s live Wide Open!