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Do You Struggle With Life’s Demands?

Did your last coach or counsellor leave you feeling blah?

⊗ Are you fed up with your career progress?

⊗ Do you live with constant stress and overwhelm?

⊗ Wish there was someone who would listen?

⊗ Have you lost your drive and passion?

⊗ Do you lack a deep sense of purpose and meaning?

⊗ Do you want some clear steps forward?

⊗ Feel like you’re missing out on life?

We help people find a way through the seemingly impossible situations of life.

You are not alone.

Create a path from your boring job to purposeful career

Career Transitions

Create a path from your boring job to purposeful career
  • Mapping the transition from a job you hate to a career you love can be difficult. But it’s not impossible. Your experience, history, skills and unique life story are the key to shaping your future choices. Together we’ll take a step back and explore what it is you’re looking for and exactly how to get there. You don’t need to work a mundane job any longer. Take a moment to explore how coaching can help you sort through your options and open up the next step to a meaningful and purposeful career. Contact us now.

Design a life you don't need to escape from

Whole-of-life Balancing

Design a life you don’t need to escape from
  • Our modern lifestyle has a funny way of slowly taking the wind from our sails. The many priorities you juggle joined with your own desires and dreams can be a recipe for frustration, disappointment, and dis-ease. Take some time to step back from the frantic pace of your life and plan a  lifestyle that is sustainable, enjoyable and filled with purpose. Our coaching options can really clear things up and help you to set your sail into a wonderful, peace-filled future. Contact us now.

Decide who you really are and live freely in your own skin

Identity Shifting

Decide who you really are and live freely in your own skin
  • It’s been said there are two critical days in your life: the day you were born and the day you realize why. It’s that second part that is most important and we can help you solve the ‘who am I?’ puzzle. You are not here by accident and to simply mosey through the tulips quietly. No, you are loved, made for a purpose and given unique skills, talents, and gifts that will help you flourish. But before you figure what you can do, you need be completely comfortable with who you. And we’d love to help you sort that one out. Contact us now.

Untie the knot that has stopped your heart from living

Hurt Healing

Untie the knot that has stopped your heart from living
  • Even though coaching is focused on looking forward, we can’t deny the rough parts of our story that have left us feeling hurt. We will spend some time exploring these hurts (as needed) before we shift towards the future and creating the life we truly want. We must not shy away from the painful parts of our story, but rather use them as a springboard to the future. In our pain is glimpses of hope, and it’s this powerful dynamic we’ll uncover during your session. Contact us now.

Define and dispatch your deepest desire and purpose

Dream Launching

Define and dispatch your deepest desire and purpose
  • Got a dream? Or maybe an idea, inkling, thought or vision that you just can’t seem to make sense of? During your session, I will lead you through a planning process that is designed to help get out of your head (and your heart) the ideas that are swirling but are keeping you stuck. The reality is, sometimes we are too close to our own thoughts and ideas, so bringing in a third person will help you to strategically look at the goals and hopes that you’re dreaming about. We’ll then create some basic steps to help you start moving toward your dream immediately. Contact us now.

Sort through the conflict and hurdles that hold you back

Conflict Mapping

Sort through the conflict and hurdles that hold you back
  • At Wide Open, we’re passionate about people getting along and moving beyond their differences to investing time and energy into the strengths they can agree on. So if you’ve got an issue with a family member, work colleague, authority figure or another important person in your life, we’d love to help you sort out what might be going on and holding the two of you back. Contact us now.

Your Best Life Blueprint

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Here are what people are saying about their coaching experience:

  • I'm much more empowered

    “Travis’ coaching is deep, grounded and is geared towards lasting change. I have found myself at the end of the enjoyable coaching relationship more in tune with who I am, and more solid in my ability to make progress through the inherent messiness of life.”

    IT Technician
  • I know what I'm capable of

    "I gained the permission I needed to stand up and actually walk the path before me. I know what I am capable of and that I can achieve my dreams!"

    Mum, Marketing Professional
  • I've started moving forward

    "I loved the coaching I received, the format, what came out of it, the way it got me thinking. It gave me a plan of where to go next, of what’s important and I actually started moving forward from that day.

    School Principal

Why Our Coaching is Transforming Lives

Wide Open Coaching helps you understand what you truly want from life, draws it to the surface then walks with you in making it a reality so you can live a story that makes you proud.

  • When it comes to living a life of meaning and purpose, many people get stuck in the day to day responsibilities of bills, family and work – whilst feeling stuck in the fog of personal struggles and doubts.

    Let’s face it, life is hard. The people we admire and look up to the most were not born with some secret gene. They were deliberate and disciplined in pursuing the life they wanted. They worked hard, tapped into their inner strengths and persisted. Most of all, they overcame their inner demons.

    If you’ve got the desire to live with more passion, overcome your fears and be purposeful, then I’d like to help you. Together we can move past the struggles and frustration, to finally live life on your terms.

    The future and life you’ve always imagined is just around the corner.

    Welcome to your future!

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