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We ignite hope in people through our life coaching Adelaide services. We walk beside you as you conquer your fears and live in freedom. We help recognise and design your life’s purpose so you can pursue it passionately. Wide Open is your personal development and team building home, utilising life coaching techniques to help you become unstuck and move into the wide open, life-giving space you deserve.


Growing up as a young person in our modern world can be hard, but with Wide Open, you won’t do it alone. Our life coaching gives you the hope, inspiration and tools required to be confident as you navigate your steps into the exciting world outside of school. Don’t be overcome by the challenge before you, Wide Open can ease the burden and point you in the right direction.



Building a passionate, purposeful and deliberate lifestyle isn’t a pipe dream. Wide Open are the life coaching hope catalysts, and we help you discover some simple tips and ideas on how to re-engage life and build a positive relationship. Together we’ll set a plan in motion and you’ll be well on your way to living the life you’ve always dreamed. Your relationships can improve and the people around you will notice the difference!



Whether you’ve just left school, facing the daunting 20s, find yourself wobbling in midlife, or beginning your twilight years, there’s more to the treadmill, ho-hum lifestyle you’re living. Wide Open are the life coaching Adelaide specialists and we assist you in determining the things that are most important, and lead you to make them real in your life. Living Wide Open is for everyone, including you.



Wide Open’s Life Coaching school program is breaking new ground. We spend time with students by giving them hope for a bright future, overcome fears or challenges that are before them, and inspire them to create a life on purpose. All this helps those students who need a little help get the most out of themselves and their study.




Maybe coaching one on one isn’t your thing, but you still want to stop for a moment, reflect on your life and set your sights to the future. Group coaching can assist you in hopping off the treadmill to think about the things that are most important to you. It is an affordable way to experience coaching with the added bonus and wisdom of journeying with other people. 




No longer do you have to fret about your upcoming PD session. At Wide Open, we take the worry out of it, attending to the details, providing solutions to the team bonding questions you and your organisation have. Growing teams and understanding one another is the glue that holds your organisation together. Instead of boring team games and silly activities, we use tried and tested ‘old fashioned, but always meaningful’ strategies to help bring understanding, direction, inspiration and motivation to your team or group. Our life coaching Adelaide experience holds you in good stead, and you can be assured we will offer the best service available.




If we aren’t growing, we’re dying; that’s the basic law of life. Moving ourselves, our families, our careers and communities forward is the imperative of the individual, and doing so doesn’t have to be bland or status quo. Our strategies and ideas will get you thinking, but we will never tell you what to believe. Instead, we walk with you through our life coaching Adelaide services and offer resources, courses and growth opportunities. You deserve to move into freedom without being made to feel silly or weird.





“I love nothing more than helping people be motivated by a hopeful future, conquering the fears that plague them and pursuing a purposeful and meaningful life. I invite you to explore all the site has to offer and please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can’t wait to hear your story.”
(Travis Doecke)


Along with this website and my coaching, I also host a personal blog, which is my world of thoughts connecting with yours and what I’m seeing around me. There are no topics off-limits over there as we discuss the appropriate to the totally inconceivable. Come on over and check it out.

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